About Us

The Momentum Concept has been developed by a team. Along with its author, Peter Efford, David Dyke, Pat Higgins, Vida and Dom Carlino, Jeremy Ingham, Wes Carter OAM, and Dr Alan Hancock have made substantial contributions to the documents’ development. It has also been generously evaluated by peer assessment colleagues around Australia. Michael Efford has developed our typographic layout design and Graeme Grose is our tireless webmaster and electronic media coordinator.

The Momentum Concept is an incubation initiative of The Menswork Project Inc. [2001]. Originated in 1994, it is a not for profit organisation that supports and develop programs and concepts about issues related to men and boys. Its bi line is Better Men Better World.

The source document was originally prepared in 2007 as an idea. This version was researched and developed in this format, beginning 2017. It now seeks a practical outcome, and our aim is that as a result of reading it you will want to do the same.